Setup Your Environment

Let’s get started with setting up your environment. When completed, you can run the ESP RainMaker application on your Core2 for AWS. The ESP RainMaker application lets you to control the virtual smart home devices represented on the hardware kit. During the installation setup steps, you will:

  1. Set up your computer to download, view, and edit accompanying code.
  2. Download tools to compile and upload device firmware.
  3. Download the ESP RainMaker Phone Apps or the ESP RainMaker Command Line utility.

To begin installing the required software, select your operating system. The operating systems listed are officially supported by the device program. We currently do not support other host machine OS', but if there is an OS you would like to see, submit a feature request .

Questions? Please use M5Stack Forum

AWS IoT Kit now features direct access to M5Stack Forum , which is a community-driven, questions-and-answers service. Search re:Post using the Core2 for AWS tag to see if your question has been asked and answered. If not, ask a new question using the Core2 for AWS tag.