Cloud Connected Blinky

Welcome to Cloud Connected Blinky. In this tutorial, you create a “blinky” application, which is the equivalent of a hello world exercise for microcontrollers. The “blinky” exercise demonstrates that you have established communication (telemetry) between the device and the cloud.

Through this tutorial, you connect your device to the AWS IoT Core , send and receive MQTT messages, and view the messages on the device and in the AWS cloud. To accomplish this, complete the following:

  • Install and configure the AWS CLI on your host machine to remotely manage your AWS services and use provided helper scripts.
  • Register a Thing in AWS IoT Core using the security certificates pre-provisioned on the onboard secure element.
  • Configure your Core2 for AWS to connect to your local Wi-Fi, connect to your AWS account’s AWS IoT endpoint , and send MQTT messages to the AWS IoT Core.
  • Receive an MQTT message from the cloud on the specified device to trigger blinking an LED.

This tutorial requires that you have:

  • The M5Stack Core2 for AWS IoT Kit (Core2 for AWS) device.
  • An AWS account that is not running production workloads.
  • A user in your AWS account that is assigned to you and has administrator access.
  • Completed the Getting Started tutorial.
  • Familiarity with basic technical concepts and tools, such as the command prompt or terminal window.
If you do not have a Core2 for AWS, you can purchase one through , or the M5Stack store and their global distributors. If you haven’t registered for an AWS account, see How do I create and activate a new AWS account? .

To begin, continue to Prerequisites .

Questions? Please use M5Stack Forum

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