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The M5Stack Core2 for AWS IoT Kit (Core2 for AWS) is an easy way to learn how to build Internet of Things (IoT) applications using AWS services through a prescriptive learning program. Students, engineers, and professionals benefit from hands-on practice with the Core2 for AWS. These educational resources combine a device with detailed guides and code examples to build IoT applications.

Benefits of Core2 for AWS

Simplified hardware selection

The Core2 for AWS device is made and sold by our manufacturing partner, M5Stack , and packed with onboard features, so that you can create IoT applications straight out of the box. Developers can broaden the device’s capabilities to cover additional use cases with plug and play expansion options.

The device provides powerful and secure hardware to build a range of IoT applications at an affordable price. The Core2 for AWS is powered by an Espressif ESP32 microcontroller unit (MCU) and coupled with a Microchip ATECC608 Trust&GO secure element. It is Alexa capable and comes with multiple on-board peripherals. There are a wide range of expansion modules sold separately to provide additional connectivity (such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, and LTE). There are also plug and play grove-connector peripherals (such as sensors and actuators) to cover additional use-cases.

Supports a wide range of software frameworks

The Core2 for AWS device supports a wide range of application frameworks (such as FreeRTOS, Arduino, and MicroPython) that allow developers to code in their preferred programming language and progress quickly to build cloud-connected, embedded applications on a single hardware platform.

Core2 for AWS simplifies onboarding to AWS IoT through through Espressif’s ESP RainMaker and PlatformIO development platforms. The ESP RainMaker platform lets developers control the device and the smart home application without an AWS account. The PlatformIO development platform simplifies embedded development to quickly view, edit, and flash code.

Easy access to sample code

Core2 for AWS provides up-to-date content and example code to the most common IoT solutions. Developers can access free content to gain expertise to build and manage IoT applications using AWS services through the Core2 for AWS tutorials .

How it works

To begin, purchase your M5Stack Core2 for AWS IoT Kit from (US), M5Stack store (CN/Global), Digi-Key (AMER/Global), Mouser Electronics (AMER/Global), Switch Science (JP), or Distrelec (EU).

Once you receive the hardware kit, access the Getting Started tutorial and follow the steps in the Prerequisites lesson to install the ESP RainMaker Agent firmware on the device, and the ESP RainMaker Mobile App on your mobile phone. The ESP RainMaker Mobile App will allow you to control the Core2 for AWS and connect to AWS IoT.

Next, select from a list of free projects on the Core2 for AWS website. Begin with building a basic connected home application, and progress to running a machine learning model with Amazon SageMaker Autopilot. Other projects let you build a Voice Assisted Smart Home application with Alexa Voice Service Integration for AWS IoT (AFI). To learn more about the hardware specifications, see the M5Stack Docs or Partner Device Catalog .

Questions? Please use M5Stack Forum

AWS IoT Kit now features direct access to M5Stack Forum , which is a community-driven, questions-and-answers service. Search re:Post using the Core2 for AWS tag to see if your question has been asked and answered. If not, ask a new question using the Core2 for AWS tag.